Use case 3:

Automated management of multi-location networking and SD-WAN

Issue description

Multi-location networking for enterprises and providers has traditionally been a challenge in several ways including acquiring network security, the robustness of provisioning and configuration changes, and the high cost of MPLS and fully managed solutions.

Presently, in addition to connecting facilities to provide access to internal resources, network owners need a solution that manages internal data center networks as well as remote locations. In addition there is the issue of centralized DIA management network-wide.

There are several solutions for the centralized management of a multi-location network (WAN) including MPLS, static tunnels/VPN, and Cloud managed CPEs. While these solutions have certain advantages, a centralized system is needed to manage CPEs, DC, and core networking to provide a fully automated way to manage multi-location networking.


By managing both virtual and physical network elements, Netlayer’s NFVgrid provides a solution that fully automates the management of geographically distributed Data Centers and both physical and virtual CPEs.

NFVgrid SD-WAN scenarios can add new Data Center locations - fully automated and in a matter of minutes. Multi-data center solutions provide turn-key functions such as: distributed load balancing, active-standby, and disaster recovery.

NFVgrid also supports cloud-based provisioning and management of the customer premises equipment. Pre-provision CPEs are connecting to NFVgrid’s server, receiving initial or additional configuration changes and are fully managed by a centralized instance. No IT personnel is required to be present at the remote facility for activations or re-configurations. And in case of virtual CPE – no procurement of the device is required.

SD-WAN multi-location network architecture with NFVgrid