Turn your data center into a springboard for digital business transformation

Use NFVgrid modules for inter-cloud and network Management and Orchestration (MANO) operations, security, analytics, and interoperability verification. NFVgrid is a solution for tomorrow’s transformations, such as incorporating IoT, 5G, and business processes. Maintain your legacy must-haves and enhance security by using NFVgrid to move vital but older hardware under the overall network umbrella. Our open source APIs foster multi-vendor infrastructure hooks, as well as the OSS/BSS connections to internal corporate customers who may never think of entering a DC. So whether you need to handle multi-cloud orchestration, create a uniform security environment, or ensure that your new service doesn’t melt everything, we can help.


Every virtual machine and every cloud has its own life cycles, and making sure that each item’s life cycle flows and interacts with others properly is the realm of Management and Orchestration (MANO). The NFVgrid MANO module covers everything from new worker node auto-detection and integration to acting upon information from the Analytics module and communications between clouds. Automatically manage and connect virtual appliances.

At first, MANO was concerned mainly with north- and southbound traffic, that is, between machines facing the world and the management layer behind it. Now, with the rise in popularity of virtual machines, east- and west-bound connections within the DC as well as those to BSS functions have become just as important.

NFVgrid can work with any open source analytics solution using open source APIs to provide actionable information about network performance and security. However, for the fastest and easiest integration, use the NFVgrid Analytics module.


The NFVgrid analytics module allows you to drill down to the packet level without compromising system performance. The module itself uses a single platform to simplify and speed up data collection and graph-based enrichment. This includes all inbound and outbound packets as well as app/system logs. The processed data is available through both the user interface and APIs so that it can be acted upon by system operators as well as by any MANO software using APIs, as NFVgrid’s MANO module does.

The NFVgrid analytics module is an independently operating and independently deployable subsystem within NFVgrid. It can drive any Network Function Virtualization Management and Orchestration (NFV MANO) solution, no matter whether it is NFVgrid Server or a 3rd party MANO offering. Data centers that need to control legacy equipment, independent systems, and multiple software defined networks can benefit from the insight that the NFVgrid analytics module delivers. Constantly varying definitions of normal network activity and unusual events are determined by three main subsystems, namely Bandwidth, Flow, and Network analytics applying Machine Learning techniques to constantly increase and maintain the module’s accuracy as conditions change.

If you need a stand-alone security and analytics product, look at X-Barrier. Same engine, same to-the-packet data collection, and focused on your device security needs.

Interoperability Validation

Ensure that your SDN and NFV pieces fit together! Before onboarding a new service, VM, or cloud, use NFVgrid validation to check interoperability. Today’s networks have a bewildering set of tools to launch from SDN to OEM virtualized devices such as routers, switches, fire walls and load balancers. Moreover, network operations that were once on a relatively static model now have to contend with whole services being on-boarded and terminated, and the interdependencies affected by that must be known in advance.

Interoperability fault detection can be tricky when services don’t talk to each other. Synaptect has the background as well as the current skill set needed to dig deep into your network and troubleshoot.