Use case 1:

Automated networking functions orchestration

Issue description

Network elements provisioning is one of the most critical functions in network management and operations support. Manual provisioning is almost always slower and more error prone than automated provisioning performed by a Network Management System.

The majority of modern networks are fairly complex in nature with multiple layers, functions, and locations. Utilizing SDN provides a more stream-lined approach, but at the same time brings additional networking layers and requirements such as API-based integration and management.

Adding or changing a networking configuration in such an environment becomes a complicated task, with multiple networking elements and functions needing change or addition at the same time.


Netlayer’s NFVgrid provides network orchestration functions for SDN-based and non-SDN (traditional) networks. Utilizing its visibility of the networking assets under its management, it acts as needed to correctly provision on multiple layers – both networking and software.

Using auto-discovery, NFVgrid first gains then keeps full visibility of the network under its management. It utilizes interfaces to network elements (either direct or though management systems/APIs) and SDN-based elements if SDN is part of the network architecture.

NFVgrid then uses its provisioning engine to automatically determine what elements of the network require changes/updates in order for the particular provisioning order to be executed. Provisioning orders can involve either single networking elements or functions, or multiple NEs in separate locations.