We do what we love

At Netlayer, we take pushing the envelope on next generation networks and virtual devices seriously; it’s all that we do. We came from a variety of backgrounds because we see the potential of virtualization throughout the network, and that our experience could change the way networks, well… work. And we’ve found a way to gather actionable data by using cutting edge analytics down to the packet and log level and up to intercloud traffic patterns. In doing so, we get to put together today’s newest and most proven solutions to solve tomorrow’s IT problems.

We are a rather diverse group. Our backbone Telecommunications specialists whose projects ranged from bespoke solutions with twists for speed like shrinking app kernel sizes and early forms of mobile off-loading, to special event projects across the whole video chain. Our IoT experience covers embedded devices for the consumer health industry as well as STBs for Cable TV.

But the whole world of Big Data collection and analysis, NoSQL databases and the Cloud quickly filtered through everything we touched. We dug deep into Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, especially in relation to IoT at first but quickly in terms of Analysis. Virtual networks appeared on the horizon, and when they did, we already had the technical building blocks and the real-world experience we needed to see the value offered, and that in virtual networks and their security lay the future.

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We’ll be glad to share our knowledge and enthusiasm.

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